Sprinkler Repair


Making sure that your sprinklers and irrigation system are running at tip-top shape are vital to keeping your property looking great. Many times, sprinklers can break, valves can malfunction, piping can crack causing extremely expensive and surprising water bills. With our thorough system, we will check and repair any part of your irrigation system.

We are fully insured and even offer emergency services! Our sprinkler repair services include seasonal maintenance so that your system is ready for both hot and cold months.

We will present all irrigation/sprinkler system issues to you for your review. Once you are aware of the sprinkler issues, you can let us know if you’d like us to fix them. Our services are guaranteed because we want you to be happy with the look of your lawn.

Sprinkler System Package

$210 / year

Watering Zones

Checking that your sprinkler layout fully covers your yard

Watering Schedule

Ensure your plants, shrubs, flowers and lawn healthy

Nozzle Checks

Nozzles not spraying correctly? We’ll find & fix if needed.

Leak Detection

We diagnose and address any leak issues right away

Sprinkler System Package

4-visits per year to ensure your system is leak-free

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